Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rules vs Evolution

This article is simply perfect.  Sparky's next step can be painful, and it's a step I've been caught in, stuck like a plastic bag snagged on barbed wire, for over ten years now: evolution - evolution of the spirit/soul/whichever term you like - is usually a very lonely affair.  The pack is slow to grow (as much as I am a socialist, I am also an anarchist, for the sake of the individual); when you convoy, you feel safe. When you go it alone, you don't have the companionship, but you also don't have anyone telling you to pull over at every McDonald's. I take Sparky's column as a wake-up call.  For me, it's a re-awakening, because this is a lesson I've been taught many times, and I can even teach it to the best of my ability, but I really haven't mastered it.  Barely begun the process really. 

"There Shouldn't be Rules to Being GLBT" by Sparky

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