Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day, DADT, And Why I'm Not Pro-Military

"Don't ask, don't tell" is in the U.S. spotlight lately.

Personally, I don't know why any queer person would want to fight for a country wherein they are still second-class citizens. Ironically, I remember filling out that stupid selective service form when I turned 18 only because I have a penis.

I wonder what selective service means for trans people.

Forbid me from the military, doesn't really matter to me, because we haven't fought a worthwhile war since WWII, and then those guys came back and beat their kids. At least that's one of those generalizations I've heard.

Sorry, I'm very cynical on the whole war/military thing, especially on Memorial Day weekend when everyone is telling me to "thank a vet" and such. Instead, I feel bad for the vets. And the civilians. And the animals who suffer in warfare. And the environmental devastation. And the works of art destroyed by bombs.

Nope, this is not an issue I personally have much stake in. When I was younger, I was "outraged" about DADT or whatever. Today, I don't care. I'm not pro-military. It sucks our money. It increases our debt. It hurts our planet. It hurts people.

And I have no reason to feel that this country is better than any other country. The only reason I would fight is if my family or friends or neighbors were in danger.

As for those who might say, "love it or leave it," and "they died for your freedom," those are meaningless statements my friends. They died because they were pawns in games played by those who don't fight, those with political clout and LOTS of money. It's a tragedy any time war results in death and suffering. So this Memorial Day, I remember this suffering, this tragedy, this abomination of human absurdity, and hang my head in shame for my species.

Peace and sadness,