Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Disengagement Just Happens. Freedom Just Happens.

This is personal.

Something happens:
A priest says something stupid about the proper way to take communion.

Something that small is usually not enough, but if it's compounded by something big, it usually is enough:
The pope welcomes disaffected members of another denomination of Christianity into the Roman Catholic fold, on the basis of a negative rather than a positive.

The drifting begins.

Sometimes it's very depressing. Not this time. It was just drifting. "I'll go over here, to the Episcopalians."

But no, that doesn't seem right. No click.

Drift, drift. Peacefully arrive at:
Full disconnect.

Disconnection from the church. Disconnection from concern about said disconnection.

Float some more.

Feel attraction to the more purely spiritual energies, the elements, the spirits, the music and tools of magic, the freedom of exploration.

This time it is a pleasant breeze. Sometimes it is a cool river, but this time, a breeze.

I am a feather in the breeze. Not caught by it, but freely IN it.

It's not a path, necessarily, but a state.

Disengage. Pull the plug from the base of my spine, from the hole in my neck.

Intrigued by, attracted to Kundalini. To something that smells better, has more energy, more promise.

The door in the prism of my heart is open in true wonder.

The light.


And all good.

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