Sunday, September 20, 2009

Looking for God in the Dark Corners, Without Permission

That's what I'm doing with this blog. Rather, that's what I'm doing in life, and sharing about it by writing it down, here.

I am a Roman Catholic, who has decided to approach God with the faith of a child. I need church, but I don't need dogma. I need God, but I don't need to be dictated to by humans.

I have explored many faith paths, both within and outside of Christianity. I think God is in all of them.

Because religion is the attempt to connect with God collectively.

It's fine to have heroes. It's finer to be in touch with God in your heart.

My eyes and heart are open, and I hope that anxiety and tendencies toward religious scrupulosity will be lovingly transformed into peaceful wonderment and acceptance. I'm glad we have priests, bishops, and even a pope. None of them, however, trump God in the heart. Not for me anyway.

I hope as this blog proceeds you will be moved, edified, or inspired to explore. Please don't condemn. Heresy is an overrated concept.

Peace and all good.

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